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Diet Tips for Dogs

Much like humans, obesity can lead to several health problems in dogs. Packing on the pounds can make your pet lethargic and sluggish and result in joint pain, heart disease, liver problems, diabetes and other health issues. If your dog is overweight (his abdomen looks constantly bloated and you can’t feel his ribs), it’s time to talk to your vet and start thinking about a special doggy diet and more exercise!

Following are some easy tips to help your dog lose weight:
  • Watch what you are feeding your dog. Some commercial dog foods and pet treats contain unnecessary fillers and fewer nutrients than required. This can result in your dog overeating to feel full and energetic. Talk with your vet to find out what the best foods and treats are for your pet.

  • Keeping your dog’s food bowl full at all times during the day is never a good idea. Most dog breeds require feeding only twice or day. Alternatively, you can feed him four to five smaller meals spread out throughout the day, but make sure you measure these feeds to ensure that you are not overfeeding him.

  • Make sure you keep all treats and food away from your dog’s reach. Clear kitchen countertops of snacks (including your food) and make sure your pet does not have access to the garbage. A dieting dog can be a hungry dog and steps should be taken to ensure that he does not binge on other food during the day.

  • An easy way to include exercise into your dog’s routine is to make him work for his food. Hide his treats or snacks around the house so that he has to go looking for them. Or you could throw kibble across the yard and encourage him to search for it. If your dog learns that he has to work for his meals, it will prevent overeating and needless snacking.

  • Have on hand healthy snacks and rewards for your dog. Avoid biscuits, chews and readymade treats. Talk with your vet about what kinds of low fat treats you can give your dog as healthier options.

  • If you have more than one dog, feed them all separately as your dieting dog may try to steal food from others.

  • Obese dogs need regular exercise. Increase his activity levels by taking him out for long walks, or even take him swimming. If you are worried about keeping an eye on him while he roams about, invest in a GPS pet locator such as SpotLite. SpotLite is the latest pet tracker that uses A-GPS technology to keep an eye on your pet 24/7. Simply log onto the tracking site with your computer or use your SmartPhone to track his whereabouts at any point of time during the day, and you are assured your peace of mind. The SpotLite may also come in handy if you have many dogs and need to keep an eye on all of them at different points of time. Sturdy, water-resistant and long lasting, the SpotLite is an easy way to keep a check on your pet and ensure that he is where he is supposed to be and doing what he supposed to be doing!

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