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Tips for first time dog owners

When you choose to have a dog as a pet, you are making a commitment for life. Dogs have to be treated as members of the family and not just some plaything to entertain you and your children. And much like a small baby, your dog will rely on you to take care of him and his needs and in return, you are assured of a loyal and loving companion. Here are some tips for first time dog owners:

  • It may be better to choose a puppy rather than a full grown dog to get home. Puppies can be trained to act in certain ways and be taught good manners, whereas an adult dog be improperly trained or not be trained at all, leading to more difficulties for a first time owner. Enrolling your pup in an obedience course is another good idea. While his nipping and biting people may first seem adorable, if you do not remedy the behavior soon it will become a pattern that might cause problems later. If your new dog does misbehave, never hit him. Always use voice commands to praise and correct. Using force only causes a dog to distrust humans and be fearful.

  • Read up on dog nutrition and health issues. Speak to your vet about a proper exercise regime for your dog breed and make such he is taken for regular check ups. Make sure he is being given the correct quality dog-food for his age and weight so that obesity does not become an issue.

  • Potty training can be a huge issue for new pups. Be patient and calm. If you can’t supervise him, make sure you confine your puppy in a crate or small area so that he can’t mess up the house. If there is an accident (and be assured, there will be) clean up the mess quickly to prevent your dog returning to the same area on instinct.

  • Dog-proof your home. Just like you would protect a new baby from hazards such as toxic substances left around, electrical cords, and small objects that can be swallowed or choked on, your dog’s safety is your responsibility too. Certain houseplants such as Aloe and Philodendron are poisonous to dogs and you may need to move them out of reach as well.

  • The safety and security of your new dog is always a concern. Since keeping him tied up all day is not an alternative, invest in the latest range of GPS-enabled pet trackers available. Securus, the leading GPS-based security company, offers the SpotLight GPS Pet Tracker – a small, sturdy device that can be attached to your dog’s collar. Using the latest A-GPS technology, SpotLight can track your pet in real time around the clock. If at any point you need to know where he is, all you need to do is check the web-based tracking portal or send a text message and you will be notified of his location. This gives you, as a new dog owner, complete peace of mind knowing that your new addition to the family is safe and looked after.

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