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Service Plans

The following describes the service plan and payment options available for SpotLite 2.0 GPS Pet Locator. You will be required to select a service plan and payment option after you purchase, register and activate your device.

Service Plans:
SelectService PlanDescription
SpotLite 2 For the pet owner of a mischevious pet that is always looking for a way over or under the fence. This plan offers unlimited on-demand locates
Payment Plans:
SelectPayment OptionsUpfront Service FeeActivation Fee (One-Time Nonrefundable)Recurring Fee
1 Year Paid Monthly $19.99 $30.00 $19.99 Per Month
1 Year Paid Upfront $179.88
(equals $14.99
per month)
$15.00 $179.88 Per Year (After plan expires)
2 Years Paid Upfront
 Best Value!
(equals $12.99
per month)
$15.00 $179.88 Per Year (After plan expires)

Monthly Plan
For choosing the monthly payment plan for SpotLite2.0 Service Plan, you are entering into a 12-month contract. You are agreeing to pay $19.99 for the first month, plus $30.00 activation fee, for total of $49.99, which will be charged to your credit card, and $19.99 per month begining in the 2nd month of the contract.
GPS Locator Extended Warranty:
SelectAnother Layer of ProtectionMonthly Fee
Extended Warranty for GPS Locator $1.99
One-time Activation Fee of $30.00

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