Dedicated AKC Reunite support is available 24/7 to help you get your dog home safe- or locate the home of a found dog enrolled in the AKC Reunite recovery service.

Join the SpotLite GPS Pet Locator Reseller and Affiliate Program. By joining you will be able to earn money while providing the market the most sophisticated pet protection product available.

This Reseller and Affiliate Program offers you the ability to profit from the sale of PAW’s flagship product, the SpotLite GPS Pet Locator, and its unique accessories.


Reseller Program

Benefits:  The Reseller Program gives you the most advantages and offers the greatest margins.  This comprehensive plan has favorable terms and provides training and merchandising to help you sell through your channels.

Program description: You buy SpotLite and/or accessories at our wholesaler price and sell through your channels at retail price.

Affiliate Drop Shipping Program

Benefits: We understand that you may prefer not  to pay in advance to resell, or prefer not to store inventory. That’s why we offer our Affiliate Drop Shipping Program. This plan gives  you  margins that are greater  than the Affiliate Referral Program described below, but less than our Reseller Program.

Program description: When you sign up for this program you will be able to offer SpotLite through your channels, collect from your customers, and we will ship directly to them. 

Affiliate Referral Program 

Benefits:  For those who  do not have the means nor desire to collect money from customers, but do want to get the word out about SpotLite and its benefits of providing security for their pets, we have our Affiliate Referral  Program. 

Program description: Refer people to our site and if they purchase with your promotion code,  we will cut you a commission check for your efforts.

The SpotLite Reseller and Affiliate Programs are FREE to join.  In addition to the discounts and commissions, you will also receive the following benefits for free or at a nominal cost:

  • Improving your search engine optimization for your website
  • Showing your customer base that you are committed to responsible pet ownership and pet protection
  • Professional graphics and artwork for your site


For more information and to join, contact the SpotLite Team at or at 866-989-SPOT (7768).

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