Dedicated AKC Reunite support is available 24/7 to help you get your dog home safe- or locate the home of a found dog enrolled in the AKC Reunite recovery service.

Customer Testimonials

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Tony --- Waldport, Oregon, SpotLite 2.0 GPS
I just moved up from the Zoombak to the Spotlite 2.0 and want to tell you that you understate how much better it is. It seems to FIND more quickly and perhaps more precisely, and the display is far better than the old one. All in all a great improvement and a terrific product. It makes it possible have a Siberian Husky and to let him run.
Cliff --- Pipersville, Pennsylvania, SpotLite 1.0 GPS
This device has been a lifesaver and has saved us numerous hours in locating our dog, Auggie, when he runs away.
Catherine --- Chevy Chase, Maryland, SpotLite 1.0 GPS
I will never lose her again.
Cain --- Boulder, Colorado, SpotLite 1.0 GPS
SpotLight provides assurance of our dogs’ whereabouts when we cannot. After using SpotLight GPS Pet Locator since it first became available, I now cannot imagine having a puppy without it. I can't say enough good things about the SpotLight unit or the support from the SpotLight Team. The GPS units are amazing!! SpotLight makes something certain…your puppy’s whereabouts!
Robin --- Moon Township, Pennsylvania, SpotLight GPS
I decided a GPS was my only chance to make sure I could find her if she ever ran away again!
Susan --- Puposky, Minnesota, SpotLight GPS
I have used Spotlight for a year on my two beagles who love to wander and to track deer. The telephone and technical support staff have been just wonderful. I no longer panic when the dogs get out (Beagles always manage to get out) and I no longer have to wear myself out chasing them through the woods. This is a wonderful, reliable product--one of the best purchases I've ever made.
Kare --- Charlotte , North Carolina, SpotLight GPS
As a K9 trainer and the director of Missing Pet Recovery Services, Inc, a non-profit organization established to reunite families with their lost pets, I highly recommend the SpotLight GPS Pet Locator over any other competitor’s product. As a Certified Animal Behavior Dog Trainer, I am regarded as a canine expert so I have to be confident in any product I recommend to my clients. I wanted only the most reliable product for my search and rescue dogs. Positioning Animals Worldwide, Inc. (PAW), makers of the SpotLight GPS Pet Locator stands out from the rest of the pack because their goal, like ours is to help reduce the number of lost dogs. In addition to creating a superior GPS tracking device, they developed a comprehensive pet protection system by partnering with AKC Reunite, to further reduce the number of lost dogs. PAW and AKC Reunite provide a lifetime enrollment in AKC Reunite’s Recovery Service, providing access to their call center and the best recovery team available. I was so impressed with PAW’s product and business model, I wanted to become a reseller for my existing clients. I requested a meeting with the company’s CEO and found they were highly receptive to hearing recommendations and new ideas. I have complete confidence in my SpotLight GPS Locator to be the best Pet Protection System in the world! I wish every dog owner and K9 professional used one!
Chris --- Ridgewood, New Jersey, SpotLight GPS
I have always been worried about the safety of my dogs. Having two beagles who love to roam around and follow their noses means it is a constant struggle making sure they stay where they belong. Even though there is a fenced-in area, they have found plenty of ways to escape! Therefore, I am always a bit uneasy every time they are out there. In the past, Buster and Bandit have both escaped and luckily I have always found them both – sometimes after many heart breaking hours. Once I learned of SpotLight GPS, I just had to get it for my dogs. I now have peace of mind letting them out in the backyard knowing I can locate them and track them at all times. I have to say, I am VERY pleased with SpotLight GPS. This week, the system was really put to the test -and it passed with flying colors! I was in my room and received an alert that Bandit had left his safe zone. I pulled up the website and located him. I then went to his position based on the site, and there he was! Having received the alert so quickly, I was able to get him back just shortly after he left. He was still close to the house and didn't have time to run even farther. In the past, I would circle all around looking for him; however, with SpotLight GPS, I knew exactly where he was. After Bandit was home safe and sound, it occurred to me that without SpotLight, I would have gone looking in the opposite direction (based on which side of the yard he escaped from) and thus by the time I would have searched the area where I found him, he would have been long, long gone. I am very thankful for SpotLight GPS and can now rest assured I will find Buster and Bandit when they play their escape tricks on me!

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